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  • Anise

    Anise may help to calm a nervous stomach and support healthy digestive function. Massage onto the abdomen to help ease flatulence. Used in aromatherapy, it may help to reduce coughs and excess mucus. CAUTION: Do not use topically on children under 5 due to the strong possibility of skin irritation. Pregnant woman should use caution as they often become more sensitive.
  • Basil

    Basil is used in aromatherapy for it's antiseptic, expectorant and antispasmodic qualities. The essential oil is very helpful in easing respiratory issues. Basil may help relieve mental fatigue and give the mind strength and clarity. It may be helpful to ease anxiety and depression.
  • Bay is used in Aromatherapy to support the digestive system, reproductive system and relieve general respiratory congestion. Its warming effects ease pain associated with sprains and aches in general. Bay may be used on the scalp and hair to help stimulate growth, reduce dandruff and tone the skin. CAUTION: Should not be used for children under 2 years of age. When using in a massage oil use low dilutions as it may cause skin irritations.
  • Birch

    Used in aromatherapy for its pain relieving effect on the joints and muscles and for treating respiratory problems. It can help to stimulate the nervous system and lift feelings of depression. CAUTION: Avoid if allergic to aspirin, pregnant or breastfeeding. Very potent oil and may cause skin irritation – dilute well.
  • Cajeput

    Cajeput has slightly warming qualities which may support circulation. It's calming properties may help to reduce stress and support a restful sleep. Used in aromatherapy to help relieve muscular aches and pains and reduce symptoms of gastric problems. Cajeput essential oil may also be a useful disinfectant and insect repellent.
  • Camphor

    Camphor is used in aromatherapy to help clear the lungs, open up the senses, help bring clarity to the mind and calm nervous depression. CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use with seizure disorders. Do not use on children under 5 years of age. Consult a certified aromatherapist for proper dosage.
  • Cardamom

    Cardamom is used in aromatherapy for digestive support. It is known to stimulate the appetite and calm a nervous stomach. It is a warming oil and can be used to reduce cold symptoms, clear congestion as well as relieve muscle pain. It has a reputation as an aphrodisiac and is supportive where sexual weakness such as impotence and frigidity are of concern. It is great in a diffuser when spirits need to be lifted and to bring clarity and joy.

    Routinely apply this oil to the surface of your body for a revitalized state of being.


    Helianthus annuus (Sunflower seed oil/Huile de graine de tournesol)^, Citrus sinensis (Orange/Orange douce)*^, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom/Cardamome)*^, Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi - Holy Basil/Basilic sacré)*^, Cupresus serpenvirens (Cypress/Cyprès)*^, Zingiber officinalis (Ginger/Gingembre)*^, Essential Oil*/Huile essentielle*, Certified Organic^/Certifié biologique^, Ethically Sourced^^/D’origine éthique^^


    An accumulation of elements can show up in the body at anytime however it is common to see an increase when the seasons present us with these same elements. In the winter months we see the elements of cold and wet. We use this warming blend throughout the winter or if these elements are showing in excess within the body such as; a wet cough, congestion in the body, feeling slow, foggy, dull, lethargic or heavy, an excessive desire to sleep and difficulty rising in the morning.
  • Western Red Cedarwood is used in aromatherapy as a powerfully anti-microbial and anti-fungal. It may help support the healing process and is used to ease fungus conditions. It is useful around the house to deter insects and as a disinfectant and cleaning agent. CAUTION: Consult a Certified Aromatherapist for proper dosage.
  • Cedarwood is used in aromatherapy to support lymphatic drainage and help to stimulate the breakdown of fat. It may help to support the respiratory system and relieve minor skin issues.

    Routinely apply this oil to the surface of your body for a centered state of being.


    Populus candicans olea europaea (Balsam poplar infused olive oil/baume à l'huile d'olive gilead)^, Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood/Cèdre de l’Atlas), Pogostemum cablin (Patchouli/Patchouli)*^, Betula lenta (Birch/Bouleau)*^, Essential Oil*/Huile essentielle*, Certified Organic^/Certifié biologique^, Ethically Sourced^^/D’origine éthique^^


    In the months of fall when the leaves are coming down and the air is crisp we see the elements that are mobile and dry. To balance this within the season and within the body we’ve created a combination specific to these elements. A few signs that suggest an imbalance of these elements are; insomnia or light & interrupted sleep, excess thinking or worrying, dry skin, dislike for the cold, constipation, gas and bloating, nervousness, anxiety, panic & fear.
  • This oil has a balancing effect on emotions and is a popular choice in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, reduce muscular tension and to help with stress related conditions and insomnia. It is an especially gentle, safe and effective oil to use with children, particularly to soothe and calm at night.